5 Reasons to do Online Shopping with Credit Cards

5 Reasons Online Shopping with Credit Cards is the best

The technological advancement has led us to rely on the newer payment mediums including Credit Cards. Here are some amazing reasons you should perform Online Shopping with Credit Cards:

Earn Rewards on your spending

One of the biggest advantages of using Credit cards in the awards you get on your purchases. Some online stores are working in collaborations with different banks which offer mega-discounts while using cards. You can get cash backs and discounts. In some cases, you might also be able to get bonus cashback and rewards.

Less Risk If a card number gets stolen

In the last decade or so, with the advancement in technology and secure payment methods, the chances of your card number stolen are very minimal. But even if your card number gets stolen it is much less of an issue when compared to a debit card, as somebody who has access to your debit card can drain your money till you or your bank gets notified about the transactions made.

With a credit card, a thief can make transactions but won’t be able to touch or drain your hard-earned money.

Consumer Protection while Shopping with Credit Cards

There are incidents where you buy a product online and it comes out to be defective when delivered. After that, you are at the mercy of the vendor as he can have you going round in circles in terms of refunds and all. Credit card companies like Master Card and Visa Card do provide you with the payment reversal option if there are any issues with the products. These protections can also include.

Price Protection for Online Shopping with Credit Cards

Covers the individual in the case if the product is available for a lower price than you paid for it.

Online Shopping with Credit Cards

Warranty of Shopping with Credit Cards

Automatically extend the manufacturer’s warranty on a product.

Easy EMI

EMI stands for Equated monthly installment, it is a fixed payment account made by a borrower to a lender at a specific date each calendar month. EMI is used to pay off both interest and principle. A credit card user can take a loan on any product. Many banks around the globe are providing their customers with convenient EMIs these days.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Another main advantage of using credit cards is that it allows you to manage your cash flow better. As with credit card you don’t have to pay for the products straight away. It really comes in handy when buying expensive products as you can keep a check on your budget.

From the date you purchase, you have the time until your next statement closing date plus about three weeks before you have to pay up. This means about three to seven weeks of interest-free borrowing that allows you to pay off your balance in a way that is convenient for you.

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