How the global rise of E-Sports has transformed online gaming in Pakistan

How Pakistan went through an exciting evolution of Gaming

The last decade saw a great increase in E-Gaming opportunities worldwide. Egaming holds enormous potential for generating revenue and income. It was only natural for Pakistanis to explore E-Gaming as a source of income. Some of the best online games have led to a new and improved concept of E-gaming in Pakistan.

The hype of Online Gaming: Where did it all start from?

With the arrival of Mountain Dew Gamers Arena in 2018, the E-Gaming industry in Pakistan received a positive boost. This activity provided the platform for thriving gamers in Pakistan. It has played a huge role in introducing e-gaming as a potential contributor to the country’s economy. The global arenas and competitions became the much-needed platforms for exploring E-Gaming.

The Dew Gamers Arena led to the origin of E-sports promotions in Pakistan. The key point was the promise of hefty prize money of PKR 100,000 in its first edition. The brand announced PKR 400,000 for the 2020 edition attracting even more gamers. Gamebird is another brand highlighting the importance of best online games in Pakistan. They hosted Pakistan’s first and biggest gaming festival in 2018 and have not stopped organizing different gaming events ever since.

These gaming arenas and tournaments have helped in promoting gaming culture in Pakistan. It has also provided much-needed guidance for amateur gamers. The arcade gaming culture that already existed in Pakistan has now evolved into E-Gaming.

E-sports are increasingly becoming popular amongst the masses because they are a great form of entertainment. They can be played from the comfort of a living room. Online games do not require the same level of fitness as traditional sports. They are inclusive of physically unfit and disabled people.

Gadgets and Consoles

E-gaming consoles have a diverse range and come in different varieties. The first video game consoles emerged in the early 1970s, which have now evolved as the 8th generation of consoles. The most known consoles being Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Only recently, Android TV Boxes made their way in the growing market of video game consoles. These devices have made E-Gaming available to every household with a television.

The evolution in gaming consoles has transformed the types of games played as well. Highly engaging games such as PUBG along with Tekken 7 rule Esports in the modern world. Modern consoles allow multiple player connections so friends can casually take up gaming as a hobby. Some of these players are capable of making a career out of many online games.

Pakistan now hosts a talented gamer fraternity that has been continuously making waves on a global level. No mention of Pakistani gamers is complete without the mention of Arslan Ash. Arslan is a 24-year-old Pakistani gamer. He is popular for winning the Tekken 7 tournament in EVO Japan 2019. Red Bull has dubbed him the “greatest Tekken player on Earth”. This title has its roots in Arslan winning the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) 2019 finals as well. He became the first player in history to win both tournaments in the same year. He was also the first Pakistani athlete to achieve the honor of signing with Red Bull Esports.

The future of Online Gaming

The rise of the E-sports industry can be visible worldwide and is now impacting online gaming in Pakistan. The popularity of e-sports is rapidly increasing in Pakistan day by day. With limited attention from the government, the private sector has taken the initiative to help the industry grow. More institutions and organizations take the responsibility to train amateur gamers as professionals. It can highlight Pakistan as another big name in the global E-sports industry.

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