How To Continue Wearing A Mask and Protect Your Skin

How To Continue Wearing A Mask and Protect Your Skin

Woman Wearing a mask
Woman Wearing a Mask

Before the arrival of COVID-19, people were blissfully ignorant of the liberty a mask-free life provided. Since the start of March 2020, the government has ensured few safety essentials to help prevent the spread of the disease. One of the most vital safety assurance involved encouraging people to wear a mask. While people with tough skins have had no trouble adapting to this new normal, others are experiencing issues. Wearing a mask is not for every skin type, but there is no escaping the situation. However, you can still care for your skin, no matter how stubborn it is.

There is no need to choose between skincare or health, you can do both with this amazing guide we have made just for you! Read on to find out!

Wearing a Mask: for Oily Skin

Wearing a Mask: Oily Skin
  • Allow a little room for your face to breathe by buying surgical masks instead of ones made of cloth
  • Avoid using moisturizers to prevent clogging and sweating as much as possible
  • Oil can gather on your skin during humidity, keep a face wash with you when outside and wash your face at every chance possible
  • Get rid of extra oil and germs by using a cleanser or scrub prescribed by a skincare expert
  • Avoid using foundations or primers in humid weather to prevent your skin from breaking out
  • Stick to using minimal makeup products on your face, especially for the parts covered by the mask

Wearing a Mask: for Dry Skin

Dry Skin Close-up
  • Use medicated sheet masks to avoid losing moisture and rehydrate your skin
  • Apply a suitable lotion or moisturizer before wearing your mask and keep minimal contact with your face throughout the day
  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly every once in a while and use heavy cream or lotion to avoid damage
  • In case of wearing cloth masks, don’t forget to wash them regularly to avoid germs
  • Keep a clean spare mask to avoid using the same mask twice, switch between the two pairs
  • In case of extreme dryness, stick to using petroleum jelly to avoid skin infection

Wearing a Mask: for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Close-up
  • Avoid using any skincare products other than the ones prescribed by your dermatologist
  • In case of allergies, Use soft and non-irritable material for your masks
  • Prefer washable Polyester or cotton masks to avoid rashes and acne
  • Use a mask that properly covers your face instead of a loose one to prevent chaffing
  • If a skin lesion or mild rash turns into something aggressive, consult a specialist immediately


Finally, we have summarized a healthy skincare routine for some common skin types. While these may be some external preventive measures, it wouldn’t hurt to take an expert’s opinion. Arrange sessions with your dermatologist once in a while to update your skincare routine. As long as this pandemic lasts, it is important to stay physically healthy and keep your mask on!

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