Rising Local Fashion Trends of September 2020: The Predictions

Rising Local Fashion Trends of September 2020: The Predictions

Want to become as fashion savvy as that model on the billboard? Well, you have come to the right place. We have collected a comprehensive list of local and international fashion trends of fall 2020 for both men and women.

A renowned American fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.” While fashion and personal style are timeless, fashion trends vary from time to time.  To stay in line with the latest celebrities and influencers, it is necessary to keep a close eye on international as well as local fashion trends.

Close analysis of international fashion weeks and fall runways reveal that black is going to rule the apparel range in September. To shed light on women’s clothing, we will witness a seriously interesting sleeves game as a statement as dramatic sleeves make a striking comeback. Speaking of comebacks, the maximalist style is also back with a bang. With all the nudes and neutrals that we saw in 2019, glitz and glam will remain at the forefront of women apparel in September 2020.

Predicting Women’s Fashion Trends

Another key trend that we will surely experience not only this fall but for this entire decade is that of sustainable fashion. With megastars, like Emma Watson, opting for sustainable fashion, it will not be long before sustainable fashion becomes the talk of the town. More designers are opting for sustainable outfits made of reusable material, to reduce global carbon footprints. As the weather becomes colder, long fur coats of all types will see a resurgence. Another style that ruled recent international runways was that of Classic Americana. Famous brands such as Gucci and Burberry were quick to put themselves in the bandwagon of what has been dubbed as “The Ivy League Style”. It is safe to say that navy, white, and stripes will rule the fashion game this September.

Narrowing our focus on the local market allows us to analyze that cigarette pants with medium length will receive the spotlight, this month. The international trend of puffy sleeves is also translating very well in the local fashion industry. Although medium length kurtas will receive the main focus this season, long kameez is also here to stay. Do you fear becoming cringe-worthy while wearing fringe? Well, no need to fear that anymore. Fringe will be a core item in all the designer collections that come out locally in September 2020.

Predicting Men’s Fashion Trends

In contrast to a wide variety of choices in womenswear, the choices in menswear are quite limited. If you prefer casual statement pieces then the latest trend of over-the-knee shorts is especially suited for you. The designer collections for September 2020 have also given a special shout-out to the 80s by introducing oversized blazers. This season the trendiest men will be incorporating relaxed tailoring in their three-piece suits. We will see stylish men rock straight fitted pants as well as flares. Cuban collar t-shirts, as well as patchwork prints, will make it big in menswear this September. And, as always, kurta shalwar will continue to remain trendy.

Crossbody bags will remain the center of attention in both men and women’s accessories. Two strapped sandals and slippers will also serve as a hit amongst both genders. Men’s footwear will see the continuation of the oversized sneakers trend originated by famous brands such as Nike since 2019. Whereas, the female fashionista will be spotted donning square toe strappy sandals. So ladies, revamp your entire outfit with a bright pair of these heels or keep it simple and elegant with a classic black or white piece. Chunky boots will also be the highlight of female footwear this season.


Do any of you girls own a timeless hoop earring? Keep it close to you. Pair it with your next outfit because hoops have made it big this season. Talking about accessories, how can we miss mentioning that statement large chain necklaces will be every fashion-savvy female’s first choice this September. Tiny and slim belts are not the biggest hype anymore. This season is all about sporting wide waist belts that compliment your outfit and become the center of attention. These belts come with intricate details and a variety of colors.

No list of fashion trends is complete without evaluating the trends for every woman’s perfect partner: a classy handbag. The latest collections of handbags will see two major trends. The first being a small but impactful bucket bag. This bucket bag will pair equally well with both your formal and informal clothes. Soft clutches are expected to be the second popular trend in handbags is. Fashion-forward ladies will also be spotted donning mini pouches on their handbags. You made it to the end! you are now ready to step out in the outside world and look your fashionable best!

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