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Travel To Northern Pakistan: Essentials You Need To Carry

Ever heard of the phrase ‘travel light’? Believe it or not, it is the first and foremost rule of travelling. However, slight modifications in this phrase are expected as travel destinations vary. Luggage also tends to get heavy if you’re travelling with family or children instead of travelling with friends. If you are also planning to travel to Northern Pakistan anytime soon and have no idea what to pack, fret no more! We have brought you a list carefully curated just for your travelling needs! No more fearing of leaving out travelling essentials while travelling. We have got your back (pack)!

Luggage needed to Travel to Northern Pakistan

Luggage needed to Travel to Northern Pakistan

A suitcase and a backpack are two fundamental parts of your travel gear. It is important to carefully select their sizes. A good travel size suitcase is the best option for taking along while travelling to Northern Pakistan. Likewise, a backpack should be wide enough to carry all the essential equipment for your next hike. But keep in mind that the backpack will go with you almost everywhere you go so it must be packed light.

Clothing and footwear

Clothing and footwear serve as one of the most important parts of your travelling gear for Northern Pakistan. Pack a cotton t-shirt along with comfortable slippers because with clearer skies the weather tends to get warmer in Northern Pakistan. Don’t forget to pack a hoodie for cooler nights and a beanie to keep you warm when you are thousands of feet above sea level. Sunglasses and a nice sun hat are also essentials to protect yourself from the harsh ultraviolet rays. No trip to the north is complete without a pair of joggers. Don’t forget to pack yours too!

Skincare routine to follow when you travel to Northern Pakistan


We all know that the weather in Northern Pakistan can get pretty harsh no matter what season you are travelling in. Such weather conditions can adversely affect your skin. Thus, it is necessary to pack skincare too. Travel size moisturizer, sunblock, deodorant,  and petroleum jelly are your essentials for fighting against the dry weather. Don’t forget to pack a chapstick too.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

If you are particularly conscious about hygiene and do not want to indulge on the warm chai offered by the roadside database, then pack teabags, coffee and milk powder. Keep some nuts and dry fruit handy too so that you can keep yourself warm in the chilly weather of Northern Pakistan.


Needless to say that the hotels and resorts in Northern Pakistan do not always practice the best standard of hygiene. If you are travelling with children and the elderly, do not forget to pack an extra bedsheet. Also, carry a towel with you in case you are not provided with one at your place of stay.

Pills and Capsules to keep when you travel to Northern Pakistan


With continuous travel on bumpy roads, motion sickness can get induced. So do pack medicines as well as a hot bag to relax your sore muscles on your next trip to Northern Pakistan.

Cell Phone, Ear Phones, Power Bank for Travel to Northern Pakistan


Perhaps the most essential items in a traveler’s backpack in today’s day and age are electronics. Grab an extra pair of battery for your camera so that you never run out of battery while capturing the breathtaking beauty of Northern Pakistan.  A power bank, aux cable, and headphones are also essentials for a comfortable and relaxing trip to Northern Pakistan

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