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Why Cash-On-Delivery is the Best Payment Option

In the last decade, the e-commerce industry has increased exponentially and the trends suggest it will continue to do so. From buying groceries to electronic gadgets and appliances people are readily buying online. With so much online traffic there is always a threat and insecurity in terms of advance payments. Cash-On-Delivery is the most suitable way of negating all such problems. 

Most Pakistani online shopping websites are giving the COD facility. In a country severely exposed to Corona, the convenience of online shopping is unmatchable. The technologically advanced times can lessen the value of COD products. In this blog post, we are listing out some of the amazing advantages of COD:

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Flexibility of Cash-On-Delivery

One of the major and foremost advantages of Cash-on-delivery is the option to see the contents of the delivery. Is the product according to the specifications mentioned on the online site You can look for any damage? If you find any damages or deficiencies in the products you have the option of returning the product on the spot. Also, you are saved from the hassle of contacting the website for the replacement of items and they can’t force you to buy something else in that budget.

No need to own a bank account

One doesn’t need to have direct access to an authentic bank account for the process. This process requires limited information from the buyer without exposing one’s self to any possible online issues through visa and credit card payments. Paying for a package becomes easier and void of any possible damages.

No dependency on payment cards

Another significant advantage of the Cash-on-delivery mechanism is that it does not depend on credit and debit cards. This is most effective in Pakistan as a large chunk of consumers here are not fully satisfied with the online payments and all. Also, a large segment of our population lives in villages or rural areas and don’t have access to these facilities.

Cash-On-Delivery surpasses online payment frauds

In this day and age with so many websites and online shopping outlets available, it is very difficult to gauge the authenticity. They ask you about your financial information, bank details, debit and credit card numbers. People can access your data and rob your hard-earned money. Hence the vulnerability of this medium is blatantly obvious and can easily mask a threat to online shoppers.

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Convenient to order for your friends and relatives

Suppose your friend likes something and you want to have the same product delivered to them at their address. Cash on delivery saves you from all the hassle of linking your bank account details. Just hit the ‘cash on delivery’ button and stay away from all the issues.

Possibility of instant returns

When you choose COD, there is a chance to open the courier package and return the product on an instant basis. The best part to use cash on delivery is that you don’t have to worry about the cash if the product is disliked by you. Since you haven’t paid anything, you are at peace after you return the product to the company.

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