Why gender-neutral clothes should be the new children fashion trend

Why gender-neutral clothes should be the new children fashion trend

With a rise in nom-conformity and an evolution in fashion, gender-neutral clothes have become the talk of the town. Gender-neutral clothes, also known as uni-sex clothing, first emerged in the 1960s. It is designed to be a suitable form of clothing made for both genders. In recent years, many famous celebrities have started wearing gender-neutral clothes. For instance, the Vogue cover of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid supporting uni-sex clothing helped to mainstream such clothes worldwide.

What is Gender-neutral Clothing?

Gender-neutral clothing allows men and women to dress freely regardless of how society expects them to dress. It acknowledges the similarities between the binary genders rather than highlighting their differences. It is an interesting choice for people who enjoy out of the box fashion association with gender. People of all ages and genders are appreciating such fashion.

gender-neutral clothing for kids

There are many ways in which gender-neutral clothing can be made fun for kids. However, it is vital for parents to ponder over the fact that why are all clothes of baby girls pink? And clothes of boys blue? Why is a baby’s gender reveal linked with colors? Why do gender-specific colors exist? Most importantly why is a boy wearing pink always despised?

After pondering over these important questions, parents will find themselves in a better place to ditch the blue and pink in favor of gender-neutral clothes for their children. Those guardians who do not want to bring a drastic change in their kid’s wardrobe can preferably add a blue and pink combination to their child’s clothes. Another option is to ditch skirts and shorts fir onesies that can be worn by both boys and girls.

gender-neutral clothing matters

Why such gender-neutral clothes matter

Parents must also realise that with every change comes some form of opposition. It is likely that some kids will reject wearing gender-neutral clothes. This trait is particularly found in young boys and teens who consider pink as “too girly”. Some kids might also not accept donning gender-neutral clothes due to the fear of being bullied at school. This is where the role of parents becomes particularly important. Mothers and fathers must start teaching their kids from an early age that there is no such thing as a “pink” or “blue” gender. No colour or fabric is more feminine and masculine.

It is vital for kids to know that pink is originally a male colour and that wearing a specific colour does nor reveal or conceal their gender identity. It is these difficult but key discussions with children from a young age that will allow them to easily ditch the blue and pink for gender-neutral clothes willingly.

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